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Letter: Oh, for enlightened voters!

The performance of Congress was so dismal for so long that in desperation, as in the theater, when a legitimate act breaks down, we send in the clowns (in this case scenario, the Mad Tea Party) and things got even worse — far worse, in fact.

So an apathetic electorate has decided that they will accept a closed-down government until the next election, when they will once again return the very same irreconcilable incumbents to Washington to continue a stalemate that is perpetuated really by the abysmal ignorance of the general public, whose wishes are reflected by the makeup of the present body of malcontents who infest our nation’s halls of legislation.

Any program to serve the common good is derided as socialism or Communism inspired by bleeding-heart liberals such as government-run programs proven to be successful like Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare and now Obamacare by entrenched Republicans in the House of Representatives.

As a result, we remain paralyzed as a nation, when as never before we have need of an enlightened electorate and some statesmen of independent stature such as the Founding Fathers, who knew how to compromise and govern a colonial population that had half the education that our current population has acquired over many years of democratic rule.

And all the while the gods look down on us from on high, laughing and thinking: “Oh, what fools these mortals be!”

Lee Paulson