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Letter: Our beautiful Minnesota winter

Let us be thankful for the snow and all the beauty it brings.

I have lived in four other places on Earth where we didn't have winters like Minnesota's, and I always missed them.

The coldest I ever saw was in New Orleans at Christmas; the thermometer said 32 degrees, but it was a damp cold and it went right through me.

In the late 1970s, I was in school in Liverpool, England. It was cloudy every day, and it rained and rained (two inches of snow in two years). I longed for the bright blue skies and snow of a Minnesota January, even if it was 20 below zero.

We should be thankful that we have virtually no air pollution. In the mid-70s, I lived in Valparaiso, Ind., attending law school. We were 25 miles downwind from the main blast furnace of United States Steel in Gary, Ind. My lungs hurt virtually all of the time from the pollution of that steel mill.

Next time you go out count your blessings, even if it is cold outside.

George Hulstrand, Jr.