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Letter: Our beginnings as Americans

During this Thanksgiving season, it would serve us well to be reminded of our beginnings as Americans. One cannot escape the thoughts of men like William Bradford, who became dissatisfied with state-sponsored religion of the Church of England and the fines, arresting and imprisonment that the Christians of that time endured. The faith and courage of these English men and women who would bear much suffering and even death when they came to America is the beginning of our roots.

With that in mind I am sorry to read of Harlan Broers's anger (Public Forum, Nov. 11) with the "right wackos." I would like to remind him we believe in the same God as he does, as there is only one true God and I think it is time we join hands in unity as we are all Americans living in a free country that allows this freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

Roxie Marcus