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Letter: Our core value is diversity

 I will reiterate Anis Iman’s ( Publilc Forum, Dec. 4).

 Willmar, both the minority and the general community, believed in Mayor Les Heitke for 16 years. Mayor Frank Yanish all of a sudden showed up with cuts and “get over it” leadership fashion.

 Funding for the West Central Integration Collaborative means a lot to the Somali and Hispanic communities. The new Americans will comfortably interact with the mainstream. Mayor Yanish’s “get over it” comment is not the way to better our community, it’s an irresponsible way to destroy our community’s reputation.

 The core value of this community has been diversity. We should not let a few individuals take that away from us. I have been in Willmar for 11 years and I don’t intend to move because I consider this to be my home, I believe in diversity and I will not “get over it”.

 Community craving for change has misled us to this: “Aqal libaax lafo lagam waayo”, which means “You will never miss bones in a lion’s den,” indirectly meaning that someone’s true motives will sound louder than words. In the end we will pay the price.