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Letter: Our great health care system

In response to Graden West's Sept. 10 letter: As to Republicans wanting to keep our health care as is, that is basically true. And why not? It is the greatest health care system in the world. What they do desire is to lower health insurance premiums and health care costs for the people through various means. For example, by implementing tort reform and by allowing U.S. citizens to purchase health insurance across state lines, thus promoting economic competitiveness between the numerous health insurance companies. Also, health savings accounts are a good idea. With health savings accounts the individual is in control and not the government.

In regard to the industrialized nations who have national health care systems: If their systems are so good, why do they so often come here to be treated for serious illness? It is because we have a great health care system.

In regard to West's theological argument: The argument is erroneous. Why? Because Christ was speaking to the individual and Christian Church and not to or about the government.

As to "wanting a Democratic president to fail," that is not true. What conservatives want is for this Democratic president's poisonous policies to fail. It was the Founding Fathers' desire that the individual would be empowered and have opportunity to compete in a economic free market. The individual and not the government was to be empowered. To turn 20 percent of our economy over to a government that already has too much control of our lives is counterproductive to that most precious of gifts given to us by God almighty, by our Founding Fathers, and defended by countless other Americans who have served or are serving in our military. That precious gift that I speak of is the gift of freedom.

Victor Young