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Letter: Our legislators have failed

Our state Legislature has failed. We, the people, elected them to work together and solve the budget, and they failed miserably. We should be upset, even outraged, that the one job they were sent to do this year did not get done. They were to represent our budgetary needs, not their own partisan pet projects.

There is plenty of blame for this failure. From an economics standpoint, it is bad policy to raise taxes in a recession, so "no new taxes" these next several years is a good thing. With that, one can see that the majority of the failure lies with the majority legislative leadership. Perhaps they thought that they could force a special session if they did not get their work done. That means that they would make more money for themselves. They feel "entitled" to that in the same way that some have become an entitlement society. Some people are angry with the governor but he is simply trying to get the budget balanced, as is mandated (that is his responsibility).

Our local House representative claims to be in the leadership of the majority party. He not only failed with the budget, but failed to get a veterans' home project for Willmar moving. He failed the mayor who is now upset about aid money to cities like Willmar. He failed the voters in his district by thinking that only the "rich people" would end up paying more taxes. Maybe Obama was right, it is time for a change.