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Letter: Our super-sized government

The letter to the editor by Ron Adkins on Sept. 10 accuses the Republicans of justifying the positions they take by framing questions to get the answer they want. He then goes on to frame several questions to get the answers he wants, such as "Would you rather have good air to breathe and regulation or smog and no regulation?"

This rhetoric disables meaningful discussion on the topics at hand between liberals and conservatives. Our choice in this election is not "Do we want quality or is average OK?" It is about the size of our government.

If throwing money at the problem produced the utopia that Adkins would like us to believe the government could deliver, we would all willingly empty our pockets. However, the last few years have seen bailouts, stimulus spending and giveaways to favored segments of our society, yet there has been no delivery of this utopia. Unemployment is at an all-time high, our children are facing a debt they can never repay, and the liberals want yet more money "from our pockets."

Vote out the career politicians whose main goal is to preserve their job for another term. Vote to reduce, not increase, the size of government.

Linda Kacher