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Letter: Our unchristian hatreds

Why are our pulpits so silent when so-called Christians and Jews are rioting in the streets of America seething with xenophobia against the Muslim population of our country supposedly committed to liberty and justice for all?

Why are religious people so concerned about their own benefits and security when Hebrew prophets and Jesus preached first and foremost agape love? Apparently Jesus adopts the role of Prince of Peace and Savior of Mankind only at Christmas and the rest of the year approves of our rugged individualism and hatred of other races.

I believe it was the founder of Christianity who said, "Pray for those who persecute you and despitefully use you!" "If your enemy hungers -- feed him!" Even Abraham Lincoln, when asked the best way to deal with the enemy, replied, "Make friends of him!"

If they know we are Christians by our love, it is obvious to the world that we most certainly are not! Not so long ago a journalist who had been held captive in an Arab country was asked if he did not hate his captors, to which he replied, "No, of course not! I am a Christian, and I do not have that option!"

Lee Paulson