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Letter: Our wasteful spending

Yes, Lee Paulson, I, like most patriotic Americans, will also be observing Memorial Day as a day of remembrance. And yes, I also don't like paying taxes, but that has been part of our culture since Biblical times. Even "Hagar the Horrible" didn't like paying taxes, but taxes are a necessary evil.

Over the years, we've all gotten spoiled. When I was young, it was rare to see a hard surfaced road. If my memory serves me correctly, Highway 12 was one of the few concrete roads in the area. All the county roads were gravel.

My point is this: We all want good roads, safe bridges, good schools, adequate fire and police protection, clean water and clean air. All these things cost money. Taxes are how we pay for them.

I am now semi-retired. However, when I was working full time, I never objected to paying taxes, especially for services that society deemed necessary, such as supporting a strong military to defend our borders and protect our freedoms, supporting a strong intelligence community that is capable of doing its job without fear of reprisal, in addition to those I listed previously.

What I take issue with is wasteful government spending, such as the Obama administration's trillion-dollar stimulus bill, which is loaded with pork and earmarks. This program was followed by the bill that is often referred to as Obamacare.

By all estimates, this bill will cost taxpayers another trillion-plus dollars over the next 10 years. We simply can't afford programs like these. Our grandchildren will be forever saddled with debt, debt that we created. What a legacy to leave behind.

I also don't like paying for President Obama's "apology" trips on Air Force One. I also don't like paying taxes to support second-, third- and fourth-generation "welfare queens." Yes, I realize there are times when people need help, but not generation after generation.

I could go on and on, but I think you get my point. We don't have to keep raising taxes, but we do have to start cutting spending, at every level of government.

Norm Baker