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Letter: An outstanding crop of weeds

Congratulations to District 8, Minnesota Department of Transportation.

You have succeeded to grow an outstanding crop of weeds along Highway 7 for about one mile in the city of Montevideo. This past summer I have had to make numerous trips to the St. Cloud Hospital and you continue to amaze me how you can grow such large weeds in just a one-mile stretch in Montevideo.

I have not seen weeds of this size from Monte to St. Cloud. It is about time that these be cut before winter. Montevideo already maintains 13 acres of MnDOT right of way and do feel you can maintain this area.

This whole length has guardrails and it makes it difficult to mow. The city of Montevideo has been cut $525,117 of local government aid funds since 2008 and can no longer afford to hire summer help for mowing. The 13 acres of MnDOT right of way is getting difficult and we may have to stop mowing it.

You also need to review the need for all the guardrails. You do not have the same degree on Hwy 23 and it has as steep shoulders/ditches as this area has and the area has reduced speed.

This letter is also going to Sen. Gary Kubly, Rep. Lyle Koenen, the Minnesota Commissioner of Transportation and District 8 Engineer. I trust that this matter will be corrected before the snow flies and does not occur to this degree next year.

Marvin E. Garbe, City Councilman