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Letter: Pain of train whistles

Another summer ruined because of the horrible blaring whistles of the trains in Willmar. Why can't there be something done about it? The Willmar City Council "looked into" the possibility of having quiet zones. I live 10 blocks from the nearest train crossing but hear it plain as day. I feel sorry for the hundreds, perhaps thousands, of citizens who live closer than that.

However, the entire city is affected by the horrible blaring of the whistles -- one cannot get away from it. Seems like no matter where you are in Willmar you can hear them.

It would be one thing if they blew those horrible-sounding whistles when only crossing an intersection, but many times they blare when they are nowhere near an intersection.

The pattern is four whistles when crossing an intersection. Two medium, a short, then a long one until the first locomotive is all the way through. So many times they decide to randomly blare the obnoxious whistle one or two times when they are nowhere near an intersection.

I will never make the mistake of buying a home in Willmar again, and I wouldn't blame others if they would not because of the horrible quality of life we have to endure.

Rick Schmidt