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Letter: Palin did well for Alaska

Sarah Palin has surprised everyone by resigning her governorship. One interesting thing about her is that she is always interesting. She has followed an unusual path in everything she has done. She has gotten favorable concessions from the gas and oil interests. Instead of taxing Alaska residents, she has given money back to them from the profits of Alaskan industries and she has governed very well. Now she is stepping down with every confidence in the lieutenant governor who will now be the governor.

You can bet she has a plan for her future. One possibility is for her to work harmoniously with the several leading Republicans who are competing for the party's nomination as a presidential candidate. I believe she will become a leader who will bring all branches of the party together.

She has done a great job for Alaska. Her past record indicates that she will see the problems we face and put a positive spin on them. More power to you, Sarah Palin.

Doug Ketcham