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Letter: Pawlenty is doing things right

I am so disgusted with politics that I plan to turn Democrat. Then I'll never have to pay taxes again and I'll get by with it. If you believed that, you've been duped. Remember when Hillary Clinton said she'd been duped by a dope in order to justify her voting for the Iraq war so laid the blame on President Bush?

Lee Paulson also has problems placing the blame on the right parties, scraping the bottom of the barrel to criticize our capable governor when there are tubs overflowing with wrongdoing by every guy the president has selected to fill his cabinet. Talk about not having to pay taxes. These guys owed thousands and it seems OK, but he ridiculed our governor for making spending cuts when to ought to know he must. Would he rather have Minnesota in the busted shape Gov. Schwarzenegger has California in?

Paulson accuses our governor of wining and dining expense, something I've never heard, but have heard how the president was wining and dining politicians at the White House to get their vote on his "porkulus spending bill." He criticized our governor for flying about the country. Didn't he hear him explain twice on the radio that the flight he'd referred to cost nothing extra because it was flying anyway and he paid for his own food? Why didn't it bother him that the president and vice president flew on huge separate planes to Colorado to sign the "porkulus bill" or that Nancy Pelosi and six Democrats flew to Italy at taxpayer's expense after ramming through that spending bill?

He never defends the unborn but, although I've never seen a starving child in Minnesota, asked if Jesus was a Republican and if he believed in sharing the wealth. Those who want wealth need to work for it. Aren't food stamps, welfare, commodities and health care enough for the poor? Nowhere in the Bible will he find that the government should feed the poor. That's up to churches and individuals so he can share his wealth himself. Gov. Pawlenty will do the right thing.