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Letter: The perils of Obamacare

Does America need Obama government health care? Seventy-five percent of Americans are satisfied with the existing health care system. The current Congressional health care bill would socialize 15 to 20 percent of the American economy. The real issue is freedom. If Obamacare becomes law, Americans would lose the following freedoms: to choose what is in your health plan, to be rewarded for healthy living, to opt for a higher deductible, to keep your existing plan, and to choose your doctor.

Who pays for Obamacare? The Pelosi House bill put a $1.5 trillion price tag on just insuring one-third of the presently uninsured. Just this week the government borrowed $200 billion. This year the government will borrow $1.5 trillion. To pay for Obamacare hospitals will lose $66 billion in revenue. Also, Obama has stated he is going to "squeeze the doctors." Doctors will be paid less to do more. What will result? The brightest and best students will no longer go to medical school and good doctors will take early retirement.

Question, America -- When surgery is required, do you want a discount surgeon or the best surgeon?

Obamacare will also be financed on the back of senior citizens. Who needs medical care the most? Twenty-nine percent of seniors polled last year stated they had trouble finding a Medicare doctor. Under Obamacare rationed care will occur and fewer doctors will be treating more patients -- further exacerbating getting quality care when needed. AARP has endorsed Obamacare. Does AARP really represent seniors? Seniors, let your voice be heard. Foreigners with rationed health care come to America for medical care. The reason is obvious. If Obamacare is so great, why does Congress exempt itself?

Ron Snyder