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Letter: Peterson is a career politician

After reading Merlin Marlowe's flawed analysis of Collin Peterson in the Aug. 30 edition of the West Central Tribune, I feel compelled to set the record straight concerning Congressman Peterson.

Collin Peterson is a career politician, plain and simple. He was first elected in 1976. This is well before many readers of the West Central Tribune were even born! Peterson knows that Minnesota's Seventh District is overwhelmingly conservative (we didn't want Obama, and we didn't want Franken). He knows that to stay in power year after year, he needs to preach a conservative message -- if he didn't, he wouldn't stand a chance in the November elections.

While he indeed paints himself as a moderate Democrat (is there such a thing?), Peterson is anything but a moderate. He voted for Nancy Pelosi, and continues to contribute to her socialist agenda over 90 percent of the time. He refuses to repeal the Pelosi health care bill, he voted for the Cap and Tax energy legislation, and he recently put his stamp of approval on another $26 billion bailout. When Nancy Pelosi needs Collin Peterson's vote, she'll get it.

He is nothing more than a political puppet, a career politician who has sacrificed the interests of his constituents for his own political gain. Would you label Nancy Pelosi a "moderate, right-wing Democrat?" If not, Collin Peterson is no more deserving of the label.

Jacob Kassel