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Letter: Peterson changes his mind

After months of telling us that he was opposed to cap and trade legislation, Rep. Collin Peterson changed his mind at the last minute and not only voted for it but encouraged others to do the same. It's obvious that Peterson sold out the citizens in the 7th District and all middle class Americans. Apparently he doesn't care that our energy costs will, as Obama said, "necessarily skyrocket."

If the cost of energy doubles, which is the estimate, the cost of everything else will have to go up accordingly. Can you afford to pay twice a much for everything you buy but only have your current income? How much unemployment will this cause? And for what?

We are told it is to stop "global warming." Well, my friends, remember all the dire predictions from 25 years ago? Have the ocean levels risen? No! Has the earth's temperature been getting warmer? Not in the last 10 years, it's been getting cooler. Have the polar bears disappeared? No -- their population is growing. Have we had more and more severe hurricanes? No! None of the alarmists' dire predictions have come true even though there is slightly more carbon in the air now. There's even an EPA report by a 30-year veteran that discounts "global warming." So what is this about?

It's all about money. Just look to see who is pushing the global warming frenzy -- they most likely have a financial stake in its promotion.

There is also a large group of elitists who think we average Americans are too affluent and plan on lowering our standard of living in order to raise that of others. Of course, if you have any understanding of economics you know that doesn't work but liberals don't understand economics and don't care to. I believe it was John F. Kennedy who so rightfully said "a rising tide lifts all boats." The more money we have the more we will spend, creating more jobs to make the things we buy and furnish the services we want. It's a wonderful cycle and it's too bad liberals can't comprehend it.

Barb Kirtz