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Letter: Peterson's duplicity

The local Chippewa County Area Visitors Guide contains a paid advertisement by Collin Peterson for himself. He states, "As your representative I've tried to maintain my independence in Congress. Sometimes that has meant opposing my own party leaders." He obviously has not tried hard enough. Dick Morris, in his book "Catastrophe," has documented Peterson voting with his party leaders 91 percent of the time. Peterson calls himself a Blue Dog, but he is actually a lap dog for Nancy Pelosi and the Obama regime. One is reminded of the Roman god Janus with two opposite faces -- one for his ultraliberal Washington colleagues and another for all us rubes out here in flyover country. Judge him by the political company he keeps and consequently the way he votes.

It's time his political duplicity comes to an end. Peterson cannot be trusted with our money or our liberty, just his vote on cap and trade proves that. He has stayed too long, become too arrogant, and done too much damage. It's time for a change. Lee Byberg brings solid Constitutional values, fiscal responsibility and a strong agricultural background to the table. A vote for Byberg is a vote to save our country.

Stephen Rucker