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Letter: Peterson's lack of respect

In a recent editorial, the West Central Tribune "endorsed" Collin Peterson, saying he "...treats all with respect." While Peterson may have a 22-year average of being a moderate, the last four years have proven otherwise. "Getting along and being respectful," does not entail calling one-fourth of your constituents crazy by their belief in free market enterprise (documented on film).

It also does not mean calling Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life "extremists" (also documented). Finally, his refusal to debate real issues in front of his constituents shows an incredible lack of respect for his opponent and those whom he assumes he expects another double-digit win from. This is not respect ... this is an example of national polls showing the United States citizenry is fed up with Congress and wants a fresh start.

The editorial's words speak for themselves. Readers deserve better than the line "...has not connected." That's just not factual.

Andrew Plowman