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Letter: Peterson's losing touch

For a long time Congressman Collin Peterson has been losing touch with his constituents. However, Peterson's conspicuous absence from last week's televised forum, At Issue, was insulting to the people that he was elected to serve.

Why does he avoid having public dialogs with his opponent, Lee Byberg? Has he finally realized that voting against the repeal of Obama Care was a huge mistake for us or his re-election? Is he afraid that voters will see and hear that Byberg best relates to their needs, principles, and values? Whatever his justification, it was cowardly and rude not to attend this program that he had previously committed to.

We, the people of Congressional District 7, deserve transparent leadership with open communication and accountability. Since Peterson chooses not to provide it, I chose to vote for a good man that has integrity, the wisdom, professional skills, endless drive, and enormous compassion for America and its people -- Lee Byberg for U.S. Congress.

Amber Cain