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Letter: A plea for clean water

Soon the Barrasso Amendment will be voted on in the Senate. This amendment will remove the Environmental Protection Agency's regulatory authority over water that is not navigable.

In other words, throughout the nation, waters such as wetlands, intermittent streams, intermittent ponds, ditches, permanent ponds, streams and waters that are not connected will not be regulated by the EPA. They can be drained and developed, poisoned by pollution or whatever the locals want.

This would be a disaster to humans as the most critical element to our survival, clean water, would be in danger. We cannot have a hodgepodge of water regulations across our nation. This would be the result of the EPA losing authority on the issue. One entity must be in control: the EPA.

Call our senators and tell them the common-sense need to vote no.

There is a Native American proverb (Cree) that speaks to the issue:

Only when the last tree has died,

only when the last river has been poisoned,

only when the last fish has been caught,

will we realize we can't eat money.

Please call.

Graden West

New London