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Letter: Please stop for school buses

I am asking for help from the community to rectify a major hazard to public safety. My kindergarten-age son and his neighborhood friends get picked up by the school bus on 15th Avenue Northwest (aka "the college road"). Due to the nature of the bus route, they are required to cross this busy highway to access the bus.

Since school started, there has been an average of one car per week that has run the stop arm of the school bus. Neighborhood parents, law enforcement officers, and even children in the crosswalk have not deterred the violating drivers.

Despite great support from the Ridgewater College administration and the Willmar Police Department, we continue to have an unsafe environment. When speaking with Willmar Bus Service management, I was told this area has a history of being unsafe but the cost to add a bus stop on the other side of the road is too great.

I guess there is not enough left over from our taxes to keep our children safe, so I am asking for help from the public. Please stop for school buses and slow down when children are present. Being five minutes late to work or class is a small price to pay considering the alternative of having a child's death on your conscience.

Dan O'Meara