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Letter: Politics and economic revival

President Obama sought bipartisan support for an economic stimulus package by adding nearly one-third trillion dollars in tax cuts and appealing personally to House and Senate Republicans. The House Republicans spit in his face by not a single vote for the package.

It is time that we throw out all politicians who are unwilling to work on behalf of the American people and not just those making multimillion-dollar bonuses from what is supposed to be money for public welfare.

The political opposition to the Obama-proposed stimulus rests on sandy soil.

One, those not voting for the package propose that taxes need to be cut to stimulate businesses to hire employees to produce more goods. As we have seen over the last decade, it does not work. Tax cuts and reduced regulation have championed excessive greed and disregard of public welfare. Cutting taxes for the middle and lower classes does work. It stimulates the purchasing power of common Americans to seek more goods and services.

Two, Rush Limbaugh has stated that he hopes Obama fails. Hoping Obama fails is a narcissistic belief that is neither driven nor supported by conservative ideology. Time will tell whether the Republican legislators in the House and Senate are truly hoping to rebuild the financial strength of the country or are more interested in Obama failing so they can retake power from the people.

It is time to correct the belief that tax cuts will boost the economy or support Republican representatives to buy into the stimulus package by removing all tax cuts, eliminating short-term window dressing, supporting alternative energy development, and providing public funding for health care, education, and infrastructure rebuilding.