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Letter: A poor movie experience

I patronize the Carmike Kandi 6 movie theater and have had very few instances of poor service and technical glitches. That is, until recently.

Picture a rainy Sunday afternoon. There was one person selling tickets with a line that numbered over 100. She was doing her best.

After retrieving my ticket, I went to the concessions. I ordered my large combo and asked the server, for a cup with some salt (I have done this before). He said, “We are low. I can’t give you any.” I replied, “You have a product that a paying customer is asking for and you are refusing.” He retorted, “I can’t give you any. We need it.”

All I wanted was a little bit. He pointed and said, “All we have is this shaker.” A shaker guarded better than Fort Knox. I asked if I could have a cup to put some in. Nevertheless, the server was unwilling to relinquish any salt. A co-worker took a small cup and one shake of the salt was given –for my large popcorn.

I went into the dark theater with no music or anything playing. Eventually pictures started to flicker on the screen. Still quiet. No sound. I then trudged back up to the server at the concessions stand and advised him of the situation. He relayed that to a co-worker, who said, “I know, I know. I am on my way.” From that point on, the movie had the required elements of sound and picture.

Willmar is a small town, but I pay just as much to see a movie here as some of the larger multiplexes. I may consider going there, 45 miles away, to see movies. I feel sorry for theatergoers who attended later shows; I heard they ran out of butter too!

All we are asking for is to be treated with common courtesy, movies starting on time (this particular first showing of the day began 10 minutes late), staff who understand basic principles of customer service, and adequate supplies for all patrons. If this is too much, please let me know.

Heather McCarthy

Lake Lillian