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Letter: The power of one vote

On Jan. 19 the people of Massachusetts went to the polls and overwhelmingly elected a new senator, a conservative who drives a 2005 pickup truck. This should be a lesson to all people in Civics 101 that the power of one vote does count.

With that one vote the whole makeup of the U.S. Senate has turned and the ObamaCare legislation is off the table for now. This should be a lesson to all of you who say my one vote doesn't count.

Now hopefully Congress will get to back to work, and work on improving our economy and bringing back productive manufacturing jobs to America. Congress has basically wasted a whole year over this phony ObamaCare legislation and thousands of hard-working Americans have lost their jobs and Congress has done nothing about it.

It makes one consider or think of how many broken families, bankruptcies, foreclosures, homelessness, and suicides have been the result of their inaction.

From Bloomberg, Jan. 22: "U.S. investors overwhelmingly see President Barack Obama as anti-business and question his ability to manage a financial crisis, according to a Bloomberg survey. The global quarterly poll of investors and analysts who are Bloomberg subscribers finds that 77 percent of U.S. respondents believe Obama is too anti-business and four out of five are only somewhat confident or not confident of his ability to handle a financial emergency."

With such an anti-business mentality in Washington, it makes one wonder what it is going to take to wake up Congress and the White House and get back to making America the economic engine that we have the capability to do, and not keep trying to turn America into a socialist society.

Earl Pederson