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Letter: Price of economic blunders

Congratulations to Mickey Rooney for speaking up in America about the abuse of our elderly.

We thank him. Now would be a good time for all of us to join him and let our growing concerns be told and insist our government make its own citizens its No. 1 priority and spend its money wisely on as well of more time and action on making that be.

We elderly can't just talk about our problems among ourselves. It takes our action if we want to be free to live out our retirement years and be able to enjoy them with what we worked, save and planned for all of our lifetime.

The elderly are already paying dearly for our government's handling of our nation's economy by spending their time on things that could and should be tabled until our nation is solvent again and all of our citizens able to live a carefree life.

We feel sympathy for so many immigrants who want to come here to enjoy our freedoms and being so well taken care of by our government and our own elderly are having to live and pay the price to have them join us.

Our government's spending habits got us into our economic woes to our country's problems and are to blame for it and they should have to pay for their blunders.

Some have been in office too long to be efficient anymore and should be replaced and that's one thing we voters can do to help get our great nation respected and solvent again.

It's up to us. We are paying the most for our economic woes.

Gladys M. Johnson