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Letter: A pro-life slate

For the past 16 plus years, I formerly served as the Kandiyohi County Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life Chapter chairperson. I write this letter out of deep concern for the lives of the unborn and vulnerable. To help protect these defenseless little ones and the elderly, we need state and national legislators and leaders who will fight on their behalf.

My endorsements do not come lightly; incumbents must meet the criteria of voting for pro-life legislation and pro-life leadership. I weigh other candidates campaigning that they are pro-life by their walk, not just their talk. Prior to an election, have the candidates attended the annual State MCCL Rally in St. Paul, or local MCCL rallies, volunteered at the MCCL county fair booth, or Pregnancy Crisis Center, submitted letters to the editor defending the unborn, financially supported the MCCL or Pregnancy Crisis Center, or peacefully demonstrated at abortion clinics?

Fortunately we have excellent pro-life candidates that are seeking our votes:

Gov. Mitt Romney for president. President Obama, even as an Illinois senator, turns a deaf ear to the cries of the aborted unborn.

Kurt Bills for U.S. Senate. Sen. Amy Klobuchar has voted against protecting the life of the unborn.

Lee Byberg for U.S. House. U.S. Rep. Collin Peterson voted against repealing Obamacare, which is the reason he lost the MCCL endorsement this year.

Sen. Joe Gimse for Minnesota Senate District 17; he is a long time advocate for the unborn and elderly and has co-authored pro-life legislation. Senator Gimses' pro-life voting record exceeds Sen. Lyle Koenen's record as a legislator.

Rep. Bruce Vogel also has a proven pro-life voting record and has enthusiastically fought for the life of the unborn his whole life.

These candidates can be trusted. I am excited to endorse and vote for these pro-life candidates. The life issue is the most important issue because without life there is no other issue.

Jackie Cain