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Letter: A public apology to the city

I would like to make a public apology to the Willmar City Council, mayor, City Clerk Kevin Halliday and City Administrator Michael Schmit.

I have recently been stating that the city did not have a data practices policy and have been stating this since fall of 2007, when some data had been destroyed or deleted that I had requested on a specific project.

I recently had a meeting with Halliday and was shown a new booklet that had some of the basic requirements for such a document under Chapter 13 of State Statutes. It does need some refining and updating to aspire to the statutes, but I know that this will be done and when finished will be a citizen-friendly document. I thank Halliday for his forthrightness with me in our meeting.

Again I apologize for any false allegations made to the city. I however will continue to be an advocate for transparency and openness in city government.

John L. Sullivan