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Letter: Put the NL-S community first

It is starting to look like the New London-Spicer School Board and administrator are helping a new bus company that is not based locally win the transportation contract.

They are offering to build the buildings to store the buses on school property and lease them to the new company if they get the contract. That would mean that this company would not be paying property taxes in our community and would be getting a break on the cost of doing business -- while possibly forcing a 46-year-old locally owned, community-supporting, property-taxpaying employer of 75 local residents out of business. Is this how we want our tax dollars spent?

Do we want a school board who doesn't put our community first? We elected them and it is their job to represent us and to spend our tax dollars wisely. We need to let them know we think this is wrong.

I think that we all understand the need to save money, especially now, which makes me ask, why are we paying a consultant? How much are we paying a consultant? A consultant who does not live here, does not know us and does not have the community's best interest in mind.

Is this a good use of our tax dollars?

We seem to be spending a lot of money to save a little and cost our community big time in the end.