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Letter: Re-elect Peterson

Collin Peterson is the clear choice for voters this November. Collin Peterson has been in office for many years. There are many reasons why you shouldn't give Peterson a pink slip this November. Collin Peterson has been an advocate for small farmers and small-business owners for all the years he has been in the House of Representatives.

He is the chair for the Committee on Agriculture. Peterson has put together a coalition to pass a 2008 farm bill that offered a safety net for farmers. The bill also provided the largest increase in USDA nutrition programs since 1977.

Another issue in the farm bill Peterson helped pass was the support for our growing biofuel industries. In this area agriculture is the name of our business. Collin helps our area out in every way. He is here for our rural values and beliefs. That is why this November re-elect Collin Peterson for U.S. Representatives.

Tanner Heyl

Bird Island