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Letter" Re-elect Sen. Gimse

Citizens of District 13 elected Joe Gimse because he represents greater Minnesota values, principles and interests. Tuesday we have a choice between Sen. Joe Gimse, a proven leader and voice for us, or Larry Rice, another puppet of the liberal DFL, left, metro-area Larry Pogemiller. District 13 cannot fiscally or socially afford being fooled by Rice supporters' false allegations and half-truths. Gimse is the best choice to represent us.

Gimse is a man of Christian conviction. Before elected into office, Gimse was respected as a pro-life and traditional marriage advocate. Our senator has not wavered.

Gimse's fortitude and innovative ideas in tackling our tough economy are evident. Our family needs cannot be sacrificed for unnecessary government spending and tax increases. Reforming government programs and agencies to be accountable and efficient is the answer. Gimse developed biometric legislation that would stop document forgery, fight identity theft and expose welfare fraud, which would save us thousands of dollars and protect our citizens.

Gimse has legislative experience: Agriculture and Veteran Affairs committee, Transportation committee, State and Local Government committee, abd Business Industry and Jobs committee. He also has experience on the Legislative Audit Commission, the Chicano-Latino Affairs Council member, and as founder/co-chair of the Minnesota Legislative Caucus on Immigration.

Gimse is a veteran and public servant. He is a member of church -- Knights of Columbus -- and civic groups -- Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1639, Willmar Elks, Eagles Club, Willmar and Sauk Centre Chambers of Commerce and numerous sportsmen organizations. He also supports the Willmar Hope Pregnancy Center and Sauk Centre Life Care Center.

Gimse has earned endorsements from Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life, National Federation of Independent Businesses, Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association and National Rifle Association.

The last-minute dirty partisan tricks by Rice supporters validate that Sen. Joe Gimse is a threat to their overtaxing and foolish spending and their liberal social agenda. Please re-elect our best choice for senator -- Joe Gimse.

Sue Quist