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Letter: Re-elect Vogel

We're probably all getting sick and tired of the political ads on the TV and radio. I know that I'm disappointed in all the negative campaigning.

For example, we're receiving mailing after mailing telling us that Rep. Bruce Vogel doesn't do a good job. That's just not true.

First of all, do you really believe that the people sending out that propaganda care about us in west central Minnesota? Hardly. They just want another vote for their Twin Cities pork barrel projects.

Second, I wouldn't want someone from Kandiyohi County voting the same as someone from Minneapolis all the time, would you? Seems like those metro folks spend half their time coming up with new regulations against farms and spending more money on their schools instead of all schools.

And finally, what is so bad about Bruce Vogel's voting record?

He made some tough choices on the budget -- and instead of a huge deficit, we now have a surplus. He voted to cut bureaucracy and red tape that local businesses face when they want to expand in Minnesota. And he supported more money for our schools.

Put all of the big-city politics aside. Bruce Vogel deserves a second term at the Capitol and that's why he is getting my vote.

Diane Visser

New London