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Letter: The real health care crisis

People talk about the health care crisis as though the only possible villains are doctors, insurance companies, or the government. I have another suggestion: How about us?

A staggering percentage of health care spending would be eliminated, and there would be plenty of money to take care of aging people and other uncontrollable health problems, if Americans would refrain from: too much food, cigarettes, and other "drugs", too much drinking, and sex outside of marriage.

The toll these behaviors take on our bodies, our children (especially those born outside of marriage) and other loved ones is perhaps the major factor in our health crisis. But, as Americans, we want to do whatever we want to do, and then, when our bodies (or those of our loved ones) suffer the natural and inevitable consequences, we want someone to fix them - now - and at an affordable rate!

Sounds a little unreasonable to me. Hats off to the medical personnel who try to make it happen.

Kari Stadem