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Letter: Rebelling against ourselves

The wild-eyed denouncers of government, who are currently emulating the exact views of the infamous Pap Finn in Mark Twain's novel "Huckleberry Finn", need a refresher course in American history. He explodes in a hilarious tirade against the "dad-blamed gov-nment" because it allows blacks (niggers then) to enjoy the same freedoms granted to him, and drunken low-life that he is, he finds this intolerable!

The early colonists who participated in the original tea party were objecting to taxation without representation. Once they had established their independence from Britain they were perfectly willing to pay taxes because they realized that, thanks to the Revolution, they had themselves become the government.

Yes, these tea party rabble-rousers today fail to recognize that they are rebelling only against themselves and the present electorate. Every Congressperson in Washington today is there because we sent him or her there to represent us. They make the laws and in a democracy we agree to accept majority opinion. We all seem to be satisfied with our own representatives, but it is those who represent opposition parties that we object to so strenuously and want to drive out of office.

That's the way government works. So it behooves us to remind the misguided, mad-as-hell tea party proponents that our government is of the people, for the people, and by the people. It does not reside solely in the executive branch, but in the judicial and Congressional branches of government as well.

Again, Pogo was absolutely right when he said, "We have met the enemy and it is us!" Protest is welcomed in a democracy, but it is essential that first of all we know what and whom we are protesting against.

Lee Paulson