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Letter: Remember our POW/MIAs

We all need to take a minute on Sept. 17 to remember those who are still POWs and MIAs. We also need to remember the families of these unfortunate comrades as the Department of Defense could not locate these servicemen or their remains.

That is sad. On this issue, as with most other issues, politics seems to get in the way of any progress. All of us, including the survivors of our nation's conflicts, need to give all the support we can muster to the POW/MIA issue. Currently there are still around 20,000 MIAs from World War II, 8,100 from the Korean War, 200 from the Cold War and 1,800 from the Vietnam War.

Kandiyohi County has two former residents who are still MIA. They are M/Sgt. Carl Harold Lindquist, who has been MIA since Nov. 29, 1950, and Sgt. Harry Reynold Zupke, who has been MIA since Dec. 6, 1950. At the end of November 1950 both were members of the 31st Infantry Regiment that was attacked by superior Chinese forces. So if any of you know anyone in either of these two families, give them lots of support.

I want to commend the West Central Tribune for their support of the POW/MIA issue. During the past few months the Tribune had an article on the two young people from Litchfield, Marjorie and Eric Ploeger, who joined a group of 30 MIA hunters who went to the jungles of New Guinea.

While there they located a Japanese killing field. The Japanese took wounded American and Australian servicemen to this one area and killed and buried them in this field. What a noble mission for a couple of college students.

Also the West Central Tribune had an article on the destruction of the Chinese Communist forces of the Third Battalion 8th Cavalry Regiment at Unsan in North Korea in early November of 1950. The DOD estimates that in the Unsan area there are still approximately 285 sets of remains to be recovered.

Regardless, hats off to the West Central Tribune for reminding the public of the POW/MIA issue.

James Johnson

Grove City

VFW Post 2818 POW/MIA representative