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Letter: Removing God from our lives

The United States of America, united, under God, indivisible? We all better think about the movement to remove God from our pledge, our money, our schools.

It won't be long before any mention of God or having crosses in the cemetery will bring a lawsuit. People won't be able to wear crosses around their necks for fear of retaliation by non-Christians.

I know not everyone knows the principles our Founding Fathers had, the strong ethics of Jefferson, Franklin, Hancock, Washington, etc. They had the deepest knowledge of the Bible and their religious and ethical beliefs built the foundation for this precious country. They suffered the strife that made them come here from England and other countries to establish a country that allowed many more freedoms that they believed were God-given rights.

Since the movement to displace God in our daily life has begun, we have experienced problems that other countries have had to suffer that are not under the Christian way of life.

Tragedies on a grander scale, the attack of 9/11/2001, kids with guns in schools, hurricanes the likes of Katrina, epidemics (H1N1), a less safe United States of America and many more on the horizon, global warming, species going extinct. Will we go extinct?

Let's keep God in our life, our schools, money, memorials and more. We were founded under God and it did us well for hundreds of years. If others are here enjoying our country's freedoms, then they should not be offended if we say our pledge, have God on our currency and pray to our God to thank him for his protection for all of us who live here.

Dianne St. John