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Letter: Renville County’s quality of life

 The quality of life in any given area depends upon the commitment and character of the people who live there.

On March 23, the Tim Orth Memorial Foundation held its 18th annual “Jam the Gym Night” fundraiser event at the BOLD School in Bird Island. This year, 17 children and their families will benefit from funds raised at this event. It takes upwards of 200 dedicated volunteers to successfully coordinate and orchestrate this event. Each volunteer willingly brings their time and talents to offer the gift of hope to sick children. Each volunteer is absolutely essential to the continued success of the foundation, its mission and this event.

The evolution of the world we live in today, coupled with the amazing professional entertainment, athletes and performers from across the nation that are a part of our event, have required us to make many necessary changes in our first response and security program.

This year, we had First Responders, emergency personnel, firefighters and ambulance service team members from Olivia, Bird Island, Lake Lillian and Hector, along with the Renville County Sheriff’s Department, present to provide us with trained, dedicated and committed personnel using an interactive communication system to create a safe environment not only for the event goers but for all our professional guests and recipient families as well.

The dedication, professionalism and outstanding personal character with which these emergency response people conduct themselves and the job they do is truly to be applauded. Their service exemplifies what helps to make our area a great place to live. We recognize these response teams as one of the best assets we have in Renville County — providing a quality of life and a safe environment for all of its citizens.

The next time you see an emergency response team member, a firefighter, an ambulance service member or a member of Renville County law enforcement, please say thank you.

The Tim Orth Memorial Foundation Committee Members

Bill and Janelle Neubauer, Bird Island

Paul and LeAnn Gass, Bird Island

Steve and Valerie Serbus, Bird Island

Nancy Rosol, Bird Island