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Letter: Reopen the indoor gun range

My daughter and I recently attended the Willmar City Council meeting in support for the gun range. She had never gone to a City Council meeting before and I was appalled at the actions of certain council members she had to see.

First of all, the large group of supporters for the gun range was not recognized by some of the council members for some reason or other. We listened to the presentation about the issues of the auditorium.

What I do not get is that there was money allocated for the fix of the gun range awhile back after the city and fire chief closed it. First it was just the gun range, now it’s the whole auditorium. I do not get why all of a sudden the auditorium has fallen into such disrepair, with the city offices right next door.

None of those city officials ever saw any issues with that building before now? I don’t think so. Councilman Ron Christianson mentioned a couple of “options” on how to pay for the gun range, being the money is no longer there.

Here’s where it gets good. Councilperson Audrey Nelsen snaps at the mayor for what she thinks is inappropriate addressing of her title. (Not appropriate.) My daughter was in awe.

Next, as Christianson was trying to talk, she butted in a couple of times and was getting mad on the subject of the gun range. In my opinion she truly must be anti-gun.

Then she later lashed out at Councilman Steve Ahmann for comments he made. She acted very childish and too bad my daughter had to see this.

I am a member of Willmar and of Kandiyohi County and I want to see this gun range reactivated so we, the people of the shooting sports, can enjoy one of our favorite pasttimes. Remember, there are more people with their “carry” license on the street than policemen, so give us the range back, so we can stay disciplined and sharp. Your life may depend on us someday.

Bob Skor Willmar