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Letter: Republican attack is irony

I am responding to unfair attacks against our State Rep. Andrew Falk, both from known Republicans. Mike Crosby cites the true hardship of Appleton's loss of jobs at the private CCA prison when Gov. Pawlenty's Corrections Commissioner Joan Fabian pulled the Minnesota inmates out, and CCA failed to get contracts from other states. Representatives Falk and Koenen, along with Sen. Kubly and others, tried everything they could in St. Paul to get Minnesota inmates for the Appleton prison, but were met with a stonewall of refusal by Pawlenty and Fabian.

Crosby claimed that Republican candidate Jay Backer of Browns Valley would be a better representative because he is a businessman. His business is Internet sales of backyard swimming pools. Andrew Falk and his family are fourth and fifth generation northern Swift County farmers, who also have run a successful seed business for many years, including sales and shipment of specialty soybeans to Asia. I fail to see a business background advantage with Backer.

Another writer, Allen Saunders, believes Falk should be chastised for not attending a transportation meeting in Marshall, outside of his legislative district. Falk was actually meeting and talking with his constituents that day. This Republican attack is true irony. Falk, along with Kubly, Koenen and other DFLers overrode Pawlenty's veto to finally pass a long overdue statewide transportation repair and construction finance package, resulting in thousands of new jobs doing road and bridge work this year. Republicans, including Tom Emmer, punished six of their lawmakers for voting for this funding.

Do we want a representative keen on going to meetings out of his area, or one who actually made building and repair of roads and bridges happen?

Brian Wojtalewicz