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Letter: Responding to letter critic

I feel obligated to respond to the condescending letter from Mitch Haukos that was in response to my letter to the editor about gas prices.

He stated "had you owned a business you could also enjoy question-and-answer time like this from your customers like I do all the time."

Just for your information, I have owned a business. And I've kept books for various types of business and governmental units for about 50 years, so I think I understand shipping charges and other factors (both real and imagined) that go into setting prices.

Since my letter to the editor appeared, a gas station employee has said that when his boss comes to work every day, the first thing he (the boss) does is drive around town seeing what other gas stations are charging. Is he indirectly being told by the Willmar oil cartel what to charge that day, or can he decide for himself what the traffic will bear that day and set his price accordingly?

It strikes me as strange that gas prices are the same all over town, every day. There are other merchants in town (not gas stations) that pay shipping charges too, but the asking price for their products aren't always the same as their competitors' prices, or changing from day to day.

My letter to the editor also brought a response from a group calling itself Buy Local First. I couldn't agree with them more that shopping locally helps our community in many ways. But I was disappointed (but not surprised) that no one in the group had guts enough to sign the letter.

I had the above ready for mailing but on Jan. 18 I received some interesting information. Hauko's response to my earlier letter said there is a terminal for loading gas tankers in Marshall. The information I got today is that the terminal hasn't been used for six months. Kinda makes a guy wonder, doesn't it?

John Tradup