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Letter: Restoring our former glory

Thoughts a 70-plus-year-old man thinks he thinks:

After living in six states I have seen a lot of different lifestyles and ideas but nothing like our current governor and the hatred that comes out of the mouths of the people who claim to be religious.

My King James Bible says to help the poor. Pawlenty says throw them in dungeon and let them starve.

My King James Bible says to take care of the elderly. Pawlenty says tough, let them suffer and die.

My King James Bible says we are all one in God's eyes.

Pawlenty and the Republican so-called religious party says that you are not equal if you are Native American, Mexican, Hmong, Spanish, or homosexual.

They have now been joined by a Willmar Democrat (Al Juhnke) who wants to expand gambling with a racino. Dick Day and his fellow Republicans must have offered him quite a pocketful.

Pawlenty and all Republicans believe that if you can't send your children to a private school they don't need an education and believes all state aid should be cut from public schools.

There is a new Republican representative in the state, he was a Democrat but said line my pockets with money from the rich, I am voting against the health care program..

If Collin Peterson runs again I will vote Republican even if it turns my stomach. It would be better than voting for a two-faced hypocrite who cannot admit he is a screw-the-poor Republican.

I read in the local paper that a number of attorney generals that worship the golden calf and not the God in my King James Bible have filed suit to stop the health care bill that would help the poor. They are the descendants of the people that tried to stop Social Security when Roosevelt pushed it through. Reagan and George W. Bush pushed this country to the brink of ruin. We finally have someone as president that will bring it back to its former glory.

Harlan Broers

Clara City