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Letter: Rethink MACCRAY school closing

Dear readers: If MACCRAY doesn’t make sense to you, it is MAynard, Clara City and RAYmond; three towns, one school district.

In the school board meeting in October there was a discussion on whether the district could be better served by closing Maynard’s and Raymond’s elementary schools and building a new elementary school in Clara City. Those in favor of building a new building said they wanted what was best for our children.

Then the fact that the Minnesota Department of Education named MACCRAY West (Maynard) a Reward School was presented. To be named a Reward School they must be in the top 15 percent of the schools in the state. MACCRAY East (Raymond) was named a Celebration School, which is in the next 25 percent.

How can closing a school that operates in the top 15 percent in the state be in the best interest of our children?

If you ran a business and you went to your bankers for operating money and you said you were closing one of your three businesses, the one that ranked in the top 15 percent in the state, your bankers would say, “What are you thinking?”

Dear readers, we the taxpayers are the bankers.

Please rethink.

Lois Anderson