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Letter: A return to business as usual

While I do not hold high expectations for political pundits in the mainstream press, I sometimes catch things that still bring me up short. All the rage in analysis of the Republicans in Washington, D.C., now is, "They're finally returning to their fiscally responsible roots." We're even hearing this nonsense from Juan Williams on public radio, someone I would expect to be able to take something of an historical perspective.

But, no, here we go again! The Republicans are claiming the economically responsible high ground and lobbing shots at the Democrats. And there's no shortage of pundits and mouthpieces echoing that message across the land! After running up huge deficits, giving government unprecedented power over our everyday lives, treating the Constitution as "just another piece of paper," to quote President George Bush, and literally giving the treasury away to private contractors and Wall Street financial service managers, Republicans lost big in the last election.

It's said there no atheists in foxholes. But what's going to happen to the Republicans' newly found "come to the altar of fiscal responsibility conversion" when they're back in control? The same thing that's happened since the Reagan administration and beyond -- they will borrow and spend lavishly on the upper echelons and grow government even bigger and more intrusive.

And, as soon as they fall out of power again, we can expect to hear the same old tired mantra of fiscal responsibility, less government. This isn't a return to their roots. It's a return to the same old business as usual. We need either smarter political pundits or voters with a sense of history.