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Letter: The rhetoric of the GOP

If we get to vote on the gay marriage issue we should also get to vote on raising the taxes on the top 10 percent money earners, since they don't pay taxes now. I think making them pay 50 percent of their gross income would pass with flying colors. But the screw-the-poor Republicans or Tea Party would never let the public vote on that.

I am an Eisenhower Republican. Yes, I can remember him at the time he pushed through open schools for all as all are created equal. I can remember what then was called the Southern Democrats and the KKK fought him tooth and nail.

Then came the Vietnam war protesters and the Southern Democrats and the CHK became the right-wing Republicans. Fast forward to 2002 and Tim Pawlenty became governor. He and Dick Day and Steve Sviggum plus a few other Republicans said the Indians didn't need casinos as they were third-rate citizens anyway.

They sent money to Arizona to build the Berlin Wall along the border with Mexico to keep out the Mexicans which they also hate with a passion. They no longer are called the Southern Democrats or the KKK, they are called Republicans or the Tea Party, and they spout hatred against the original Americans, Spanish, gays, and whatever other group comes to their hateful little minds.

No wonder Bin Laden and a lot of the world hate us for all the hate-filled rhetoric that Sen. Joe Gimse and the rest of the Republicans spiel out every day. Nobody that votes for people that fill the air with as the Republicans and the Tea Party can believe in Jesus because the vengeful hatred that they are spreading is not what Jesus taught.

Pawlenty and Bush made a Democrat out of me as I could not stand their hate-filled rhetoric or two-faced lying.

Harlan Broers

Clara City