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Letter: Rice is best choice for Senate

I worked in the public schools for 34 years, most of that time in special education. As a retired educator, I believe passionately in excellent schools for all of our children. Successful students who have the opportunity to participate in high quality academics and extracurricular activities will enable Minnesota to have a vibrant economy. Healthy schools make for healthy communities.

I believe Larry Rice, who graduated from Willmar Public Schools, sent his three kids to Willmar schools and is a lifelong learner, having returned to college in his 40s to get his MBA and after that a law degree, is the best candidate for the Minnesota senate in District 13. He will work to ensure that we have stable funding of all our public schools in Minnesota. All students need a strong education, not just those in wealthy districts. I believe he will keep the best interests of our students in mind in all of his decisions.

I also believe that as our senator Larry will work with other senators to bridge gaps so that we can find solutions to our state's fiscal problems. Please take a look at his website and you will get a good picture of Larry's wholesome values and positions on core issues.

On election day vote for Larry Rice, an energetic visionary who will work to make Minnesota once again a state we can all be proud of. In order for our communities to continue to thrive and grow, we need progressive and nimble thinkers like Larry Rice to deal creatively with our present financial problems.

Mary Lou Werner