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Letter: Rice will work on our behalf

Early last spring I had the good fortune to be introduced to Larry Rice. Since that time I have become increasingly convinced that Larry Rice is the right person to represent our district in the Minnesota Senate.

He is a family man and a successful business owner. He is a man of integrity standing for the same principles and saying the same things whether speaking with a concerned business owner or a union representative, a lifelong local resident or a naturalized immigrant citizen, a healthcare CEO or a nursing home resident.

What you see with Larry is what you get. He is extremely hard-working and is ready to make thoughtful difficult decisions. He will move the state towards honest and stable budgeting. Larry will not raise fees, permits and property taxes on individuals and businesses while claiming erroneously to cut our taxes.

Larry will restore stable funding for the schools and knows that cutting days of school is not "working well" as Sen. Joe Gimse stated in the League of Women Voters debate.

Larry will make rural nursing home reimbursement for the care of our elderly family and neighbors a priority. Gimse has negatively impacted seniors, children and the chronically ill by consistently voting against funding for GAMC and other health and human services funding. Larry will not turn his back on our most vulnerable family members.

Larry will help our state and rural communities remain healthy vital places for people of all ages to live. Above all Larry will show up, listen and work hard on our behalf.

Jessica Rohloff