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Letter: The right-wing fantasy world

The talking heads on the Tea Party right are condemning the Democrats because unemployment is high. Apparently the Tea Party thinks it's the federal government's responsibility to guarantee jobs to everyone. Sorry, folks, it doesn't work that way in the real America. Businesses create jobs, period.

The purpose of last year's stimulus bill was to spur overall demand in the economy. Right now people are paying their bills and trying to save a little money, and who can blame them. That's great for family budgets, but it doesn't create demand. That's what the stimulus bill was supposed to help with, and it looks like it should have been a lot bigger.

In the right-wing fantasy world, Democrats raised taxes. Absolutely not true. The actual fact is that the stimulus bill cut taxes for virtually every worker. In the right-wing fantasy world, Democrats ignore illegal immigration. In the real America, illegal immigration is way down, border enforcement is tougher than ever, and thousands of illegal immigrants are being deported every year -- many more than when President Bush was in charge. Those are hard, indisputable facts, but in the right-wing fantasy world, inconvenient facts don't matter.

The right-wing fantasy world is a scary place for the rest of us. If Republicans take control of Congress, they dream of an America with no Social Security, no Medicare, no minimum wage, no unemployment insurance, no worker's compensation if you are injured on the job, no EPA to clean up the environment, no FDIC insurance if you're lucky enough to have money in the bank, no financial aid if your kids want to go to college.

In the right-wing fantasy world, the rich get richer with one tax cut after another, the middle class gets squeezed, and heaven help you if you lose your job because you're just a whiner.

This election the right wing is peddling their usual mix of scary stories, half-truths and outright lies, trying to convince you that America has no future unless we cut down all our safety nets. Don't get sucked in.

Mark Beito

Sleepy Eye