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Letter: Ripped off by welfare system

Updated 1:30 p.m. April 15: This letter's opening paragraph has been corrected to reflect the Minnesota expenditure figure of $486.1 million included in the writer's original letter.

People flock to Minnesota for the generous welfare system. I have a map showing expenditures in all states, with Minnesota the highest of all with expenditures of $486.1 million and the next highest state being Wisconsin with a mere $2.4 million, which means that Minnesota is spending $483.7 million more than the next highest state!

I thought it must be a misprint so I phoned my county welfare office but none of my calls were returned. The map's accuracy was confirmed when the evening news showed a quick blurb of that map. Shortly afterward, Republican representative Marty Seifert, who has been working for an audit of the welfare EBT card system, was a guest on the Scot Hennen show. I phoned him and he said these EBT-card expenditures had been traced back to even casinos! In 2007, 309,717 transactions took place in states other than Minnesota for a total of $10,226,758.50. California, which has all those illegal immigrants to feed, had a mere $147,182 welfare expenditure!

I hope these facts make you as angry as I was. Minnesotans paying their own medical and dental costs are also burdened with that 2 percent tax to pay for people on MinnesotaCare. That also should stop.

In my town, our property taxes have just been increased at least 50 percent and our county wants a new law enforcement center or remodeling to expand current facilities. With all this added expense, where will the money come from with the economy gone down the tubes, stock markets falling, and the current administration putting us trillions of dollars in debt with no end in sight? Isn't it enough when people get food shelf items, phone and fuel assistance, commodities, free medical and dental, breakfasts for school kids, etc., besides welfare? Many drive two vehicles (sometimes even new!), snowmobiles, buy lottery tickets, grill steaks, etc. and some rarely work! We cannot sit like bumps on a log and let this abuse continue so please speak up! Hard workers are getting ripped off. Please contact your county commissioners and state representative to express your concerns.