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Letter: Robbins Island was a mess

I am writing with concern about the condition of the local recreation area at Robbins Island. I took my two daughters and three grandkids to Robbins Island on Tuesday, July 7, to enjoy some swimming and playing at the beach. Much to my surprise what I saw there was disgusting. Who controls the area? Why was the beach area and grass area surrounding this lake covered with s--t? Was it human? Dog or cat? There was trash everywhere also. There were two lifeguards on duty and only three people swimming. If the Department of Health were to test this water, they would probably be shut down. If no one is going to care for this local swimming and hiking area, then why is it even there? I hate to say it, but we and anyone else I know will not be going back to this or any other place around Willmar for any recreation.

Jeri Mitchell