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Letter: Rohloff is the better candidate

In the DFL primary contest for District 17B, voters have a choice between two energetic candidates. Having listened on several occasions to both individuals discuss the issues and the particular strengths each would, if elected, bring to the office, I am convinced that Jessica Rohloff is the better candidate overall.

Many of the problems we face today are in part the consequence of our passion for politicians who both offer and comprehend little more than platitudes. If we wish to address complex issues, wouldn't we do well to elect representatives with a substantive appreciation of policy concerns, their nuances and conundrums? ...representatives with more than a touch of introspection, with the personal honesty to acknowledge those situations where the predilections of self and allies might be part of the problem?

Jessica Rohloff is, I believe, truly a "diamond in the rough." Her politics are based not on mere instincts coupled with personal and parochial interests, but on well-reasoned principles dynamically integrated with considerable knowledge of an expansive range of issues. She sticks to her guns, but is not so obstinate as to close her mind to the merits of countervailing research and arguments. Her verbal skills are notable, and she holds the promise of bringing debate to a higher level.

She understands that politics is the art of achieving the possible, and holds no illusions as to the difficulties in store in dealing with tight budgets and with foes whose political stances are not readily amenable by force of reason. She is honest in her accounting, both financial and intellectual. She has the humility to anticipate unintended consequences, and will be wary of her own hubris.

I urge the voters of 17B to give both DFL candidates more than the customary minute's worth of consideration and weigh the relative strengths of each with an eye to the needs of both the district and the state. I am confident that you will also conclude that Jessica Rohloff is the better candidate.

Fred Cogelow