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Letter: Rohloff is dedicated to service

Jessica Rohloff has my support for the Minnesota House of Representatives in District 17B. In the interest of full disclosure: I have been friends with Jessica since we were in nursery school. Having had the honor of her friendship for most of my life, I feel that I can conclusively speak to her exemplary character.

Jessica is not one to shy away from speaking the hard truths. She is dedicated to maintaining a civil dialogue with people who hold opposing views. What is special about Jessica, though, is that she is not only committed to maintaining that dialogue, but to finding a place of common ground, collaboration and positive momentum.

Through the years, I've seen Jessica make exceptional contributions in her home district. When she was a VISTA, she chose to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity of West Central Minnesota instead of going somewhere else. While many of us, her peers, were working to further our careers or bolster our bank accounts, Jessica worked in human services in the district. While the rest of us were starting our families, Jessica was supporting hers by caring for her grandmother.

She is already incomparably dedicated to serving District 17B and the next logical step is to elect Jessica as representative. I can think of no better, more dedicated person for the job.

I'll close with an anecdote that speaks to Jessica's character: In the first couple of hours of a trip she made to visit me in Boston, she had become good friends with the owner of a restaurant and had been invited to share a meal there with a group of business people. In half an hour, she knew more about the neighborhood I worked in and the people that lived there than I had learned in two years. Moreover, when I took my afterschool group on a field trip that week, Jessica volunteered to be a chaperone, while on vacation. Jessica has shown leadership and commitment to service and would continue that legacy in the Minnesota House.

Amy Roeder